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Privacy Policy

Taleist’s client Security Tactics sweeps for hidden microphones, cameras and tracking devices. And their About Us page is aimed squarely at their target client.

Every line above the fold is, yes, about Security Tactics. However, the words are carefully chosen. Every line contains information that’s relevant to how Security Tactics solve the client’s problems.

In the annotations above, you see:

  1. What makes Security Tactics a better choice? They’re police trained.
  2. A reminder of what the company does — increasing the reader’s certainty they’re in the right place for what they’re looking for.
  3. What do you get from working with Security Tactics? Total confidence. (Plus another reminder of what they do: sweep.)
  4. Spelling out what the company does in plain English. The jargon (“TSCM”) lets corporate security managers know that Security Tactics is an industry insider. However, not all their clients are security professionals, so they spell out what TSCM is.
  5. A reader outside Queensland might have been referred and be wondering if they can be serviced. If this were a virtual business, the location wouldn’t need to be so prominent.
  6. Finally, the page is clearly named. You never want prospective customers or search engines to have to guess where the About Us page is.

What’s missing from this About Us page?

You might read that and think it’s all obvious. However, there are equally obvious things that we left out — things we might have included in a different industry with difference clients. For example:

  • Security Tactics is a family business. That’s something we often highlight, but that’s not a competitive factor in the TSCM industry.
  • The owners have another well-established and successful business. In other circumstances that might have been something to say. However, that business isn’t relevant to the work of Security Tactics.

Small business About page example 2: Taleist